About Our Graphics Designer Joel

Hi, my name is Joel Palmer, I'm the Graphic Designer for 'Online Business Builders'. 

It's my job to make your website stand out from the crowd! I have over 6 years experience in Graphic Design & Branding. Creativity is key, when it comes to designing your website expect nothing but Fresh/Unique ideas, Eye catching visuals & the WOW factor!

First Impressions are everything, the internet is your playground and your website is your best salesperson. Be sure it's dressed for success.

Now, a little bit about my journey so far in life.

Ever since I was little I've always been known as the 'artistic' one, whenever I had the chance I was drawing, painting, crafting and most of the time making a mess in the process!

My love and skill for Art was soon noticed by my teachers at school, which then led onto my drawings being published in a children's story book, after winning a competition held by a local author in my home town of Eastbourne.

Several years later, I'm choosing my options for my GCSE's. Art, ICT & Graphics were at the top of my list. I then went on to passing all my exams at an  'A Grade' & 'Distinction' level.
Further education options for me wasn't what I hoped due to where I lived and I couldn't financially afford to re locate to fulfil what I wanted to do.

At this point I had no choice but to look for work. I got myself a job in a local Pub/Restaurant as a Kitchen Porter and was there for just over a year. It's not what I saw myself doing but I had to earn a living some how.

One evening out with friends at our local pub, I got talking to an old chap at the bar. Long story short, the main topic of conversation was life paths and career choices. He said to me 'The best way to make money and a good living, is to go and get it yourself!'. So at the age of 19, I took that advice and decided to start my own window cleaning business. Three years later I'm still going, trading under the name 'Top Glass - Professional Cleaning Services' & thankfully Business is great!

Making that huge step made me realise I could do what I always dreamed off doing. To be a Graphic Designer!

The Journey started for me after a local nightclub put an advert up on social media looking for someone to design them some promotional flyer/posters. I jumped at the opportunity and delivered what I could to the best of my ability. They were very impressed and they have been loyal customers ever since! 
I then decided to branch out under the name 'Visuals - Graphic Design' on Social media & blogging sites.

Visuals Graphic Designers

A year later, my Window Cleaning business is still going strong & my evenings are now dedicated to Graphic Design work. Everything from Logo Design & Branding, Advertising/Promotional flyers & posters and of course Website Design & Structure. 

Here are a few examples from my portfolio:

Graphic Designer Joel Chunky Beats Flyer

Music Event Flyer/Poster Design for Chunky Beats

Graphic Designer Joels - Fleek Form Logo

Logo Design for FleekForm Clothing

Joel Designed this leaflet / flyer for Pioneer Roofing

Advertising Leaflet Design for Pioneer Roofing