Want to boost your traffic? Learn why content is king for SEO

Content is King for SEO

"Content is king!" is a term that has been used between SEOers since it all begun. Today it is no different. Content is still king!!!

Everything, when it comes down to it, begins with content. It is the content that will determine your position for any given query or search. It is the content that will also convert a visitor to a lead or sale.

Google's mission is to organise and make accessible the worlds information. Also to promote a great user experience whilst using their search engine. 

So when we perform a search on Google, they will return the pages that they deem the most relevant. 

How to climb organic (free) search results

If you are selling a "Blue raspberry widget" and you don't have content about it, how are you meant to be the most relevant and thus #1.

There is only one way to climb to the top of organic (free) search results. It requires creating highly relevant, compelling, unique and targeted content.

We say targeted content because there is no point coming up for just anything. We need to target phrases and terms that people search for when looking to buy what we have. We call these buying terms.

Using media to build relevancy

Google have been promoting great online user experience from the outset. They've established themselves as the clear winner when it comes to achieving this goal. 

One of the signals that Google are said to pay attention to is media assets on the website. By this We mean images, audio and video.

This makes sense because everybody prefers an image that can say what a block of text says. People also prefer to watch a video to reading text or images. Text still has its place because it is the only thing Google can read. 

These assets only add value when we actually describe them to Google in a way they understand. Depending on the media this achieved differently and is outside the scope of this post. 

Tell the search engines about your pages

Remember to tell Google about all your pages with a sitemap.xml file. Once it is ready it can be submitted to Google for inclusion in their results via a Google webmasters account. 

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