All our websites come with this...

We thought it would be nice to give you a taste of the standard kit that you get with us. We install the following features on all our websites:

Drupal is used as the foundation

Drupal is a website that empowers non-technical privileged users to add, edit and delete content. You just sign and are instantly shown edit links.

A custom mobile first theme.

This means that we design the theme for small screens first and then develop it for larger screens. This leads to faster loads times on small devices because there is less for them to process. Whilst larger screens have the most to process. It is well documented that all else being equal a mobile first website will outrank a desktop only website for mobile searchers. 

Contact form

This will forward the submitted information on to email addresses of your choice. We will also install Mollom anti-spam protection. You know those strange images that you have to enter the text for.

Responsive slideshow

A slideshow promoting the services that a company offers are common place on home pages. They are a great way to add some flare and give the home page some substance. 

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.

This makes editing a page like using Microsoft word. You can insert links, upload images and format your text - All without a single bit of coding, just point and click.

All the standard pages ready to go 

We will set up the standard pages so that they are ready to just edit ie About us, Privacy policy, Promoted services

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) taken care of

All the modules (addons / plug ins) for helping a website to be understood fully by the search engines aka SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Website submission to Search Engines. 

We will submit the website to Google and Bing so that the website appears in the search engines asap.

Google Analytics for measuring our performance.

This will allow us to see the websites performance and visitor behavior. We can also see our position in Google for different keywords.

Free automated backups

We will set up the website to make backups of itself and send them to your free offsite storage. This is great peace of mind should anything go horribly wrong.

Full training and support

It is of the highest importance that you know how to use the website. We're able to share our screen with you remotely so as to show you how to do things.