How We solved this infinite redirect loop on a views page view

In just the last few hours trying to resolve a infinite redirect loop issue on a Drupal 6 site. It occurred when visiting a page created by views. 

We tried:

  • Changing the path of the view.
  • Looking for a path alias.
  • Looking for a redirect.
  • Looking in the access and error logs.
  • Searching through the Drupal watchdog entries.
  • Restarting apache and memcache. Then clearing all of the Drupal cache.

The solution that worked for us was:

  1. Delete the menu item created in the views setting.
  2. Change the path.
  3. Save the view.
  4. Create a menu item using the menu system ie not in the views setting page.

We're still not clear on why this issue is in our site regarding menu items and views. We do suspect that it is related to Features in some way. There was our workaround though.

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Drupal 6 (D6)