Entertainment Agency Management Website


This Drupal website was developed by our website design company, whilst working with some entertainment agencies. A couple just wanted to show their acts off online. The others wanted a more fuller featured site. We therefore have two versions available. We built this using Drupal, a content management system.

Both of these will be customised to suit your agency. Both with the way it looks and with things like the filters. I can also provide custom website development services and build upon it.

When you inspect the site from the perspective of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you'll find it scores strongly. You'll see that a privileged user can easily create the all important "page title" and the meta tag "description". Both of which are used to present your site on Google and are factored into how you rank for things.

It goes without saying that the site updates the sitemap file, used by Google to find all your pages. We also have a image_sitemap file used to promote all your images from your acts pages.

The standard version

Promoting people

The standard Website includes a section for who you are promoting. For the demo we have used Entertainment acts. For each act you can have unlimited photo's and they can be uploaded in bulk. The system will re-size the photo's for display on the site. The photo's can also be watermarked to deter content theft.

Acts can be categorised and then searched for using filter's that you define.

Generate leads

We've focussed on ease of use for potential customers. So that it is easy for them to find exactly what there looking for or see that you don't have it, in a few clicks. We also use a form of tagging, that is used as an alternative way of finding acts.

Once they find an act they like, they can enquire about them. Generating qualified leads for the agency. Leads are automatically sent to one or more email addresses. All leads can quickly be looked up for future reference as well.

The leads also capture information about their visit on site. Customers obviously never see contact details for the people you are promoting, only privileged users of the site see those details. 

Automated website subscriptions

Visitors to the site can perform a search for the people you're promoting. They can then subscribe to be updated when you add people that match that search. Of course the updates is automatic and get sent out when you add more matching acts.

The pro version


The pro version is built on top of the standard agency Website. It extends the Website by also having a venue section and job management.

As always you can have as many venues as you wish. On each venue page, you can see the people who will be working there. The list of people then has links back to the persons page ie with their photos. 

Job management

You can also create jobs for the people you promote. Your people can then sign in and accept the job. If they then wish to cancel the job after accepting it, it is set up so that they need to call you.

Financial management.

Due to the nature of some agencies, I also built in the facility to manage finances. When creating the job you can enter the job total, how much needs to be collected and how much the act owes you. 

All the information is also downloadable into spreadsheets. 

Their are also screens to show you exactly what is outstanding and by who. Naturally the acts can also see this but only for their jobs. 


This Drupal video demo is of a website that we have developed and designed for the use of agencies who book out people and venues. It allows customers to search through 1000's of people or venues using custom search filters.

... Go to the Drupal video page

The website being demonstrated is this video is a bespoke website, to be used by an agency booking out venues and people. It Allows customers to search through 1000's of people and venues. It allows "Site editors" to add and... Go to the Drupal video page