Drupal lead generation; mobile optimised website - Office Furniture

The brief for this project was to create a website to showcase the office furniture that Scott Associates acquire. They acquire them from providing their office clearance services. Services they also wished to promote through the website.

Due to the nature of the products, as in second hand, they did not want a full eCommerce solution. We did however install the Drupal Commerce Kickstart suite ready for such a time that eCommerce maybe required. We took this route being as they wanted to display everything that comes with Commerce, with the exception of the actual cart and checkout. For example: Catalogue, Prices, Stock...

We developed Faceted and progressive search for making products easy to find. For example when you select "Desks and Tables", you are then presented with options for "Desk type" and "Caters for"

Each product page has a contact form with a auto-competed and disabled current path field. This then gets sent to the website owners, so they know what product the customer is asking about. All contact forms also have Mollom installed to reduce the spam that would otherwise get submitted.

The product pages also have "People who looked at this also looked at..." block. The system records visitor behaviour and calculates the most likely products the person will want to look at next. This allows for very intuitive navigation, much like the way most of us navigate YouTube. We do an initial search and then often select recommendations after the first video.

We upgraded the product image fields so as to have multiple image uploads.

The main menu was replaced with Superfish. Superfish is also mobile and touch screen responsive.

See this for a full list of features.