Website Design Services for Bartercard Trade pounds

Web devleopment on Bartercard

We can provide all of our website design services for Bartercard trade pounds, with the exception of our hosting. 

Bartercard is used by businesses all over the world to attract new business from other like minded business owners. 

There is a online directory available to Bartercard members, where you can find all sorts of businesses that take T£'s (Trade Pounds). This year I have stayed in hotels (inc in Thailand), eaten in restaurants, had business cards made, drunk in bars and purchased some advertising banners. 

The down side to Bartercard for many people, is ironically spending them. It is true in my experience that Bartercard doesn't seem to keep their directory up to date. This means that you have to ring around and on occasions you'll find they no longer trade them. I then often get told that it is because they can't find places to take them. 

In my opinion, if you're willing to do the research for active members, it is a fantastic way of getting extra business that you would not have had otherwise. Well, as soon as you've spent them, then they are as good as cash. They aren't limited to the UK either. They actually originated in Australia and now they are taken all over the world. 

If you're interested to find out more about Bartercard, contact Adrian my Business Development Manager on 07960 717578

Otherwise contact me directly for a website quote