Drupal SEO (3/3): Using Google Analytics

Understanding how to measure and improve your website is vital aspect of our Web Development Services.

In this video tutorial I show how to use Google Analytics to measure our performance in search. We get to see what queries or keywords the site is being displayed for. We also get to see how many times the search is being done. Lastly we can see what position the website is for each query.

Essentially the idea is to first research your keywords. Then create optimised content that relates to your chosen keywords. Finally, we use Google analytics to measure the traffic on the website and position in Google. 

Once we can see the popular searches or queries as they call them, we can see the easiest buying terms to target. Then we refine existing, or create new, content to increase relevancy for the query or keyword. 

We repeat this 3 step process over and over until we're satisfied with the business it is generating. 

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Drupal SEO (3/3): Using Google Analytics

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