How does Facebook comments on your website improve your return on SEO?

Drupal Facebook comment plugin

71% of Internet users are on Facebook. 

Who wants to create a new account on your website to quickly post a comment? Would you? We wouldn't unless we really really wanted to leave the comment.

By allowing a visitor to post via Facebook, we remove a huge barrier to user engagement.

No need to create a user account for your website

​This is where the Facebook Comment plugin has taken off in a major fashion. It allows us to essentially outsource the comments on your website to Facebook. You get your comment notifications through Facebook, just as you would any other notifications. 

Facebook handle a lot of the spam issues

One of the biggest challenges a website with comments enabled has, is spam. Believe it or not people have created programs that travel the net for opportunities to post content.

By using Facebook, our visitors must be registered with them. This adds a nice layer of security in terms of moderation. The quality should also be higher because their comments will be associated to their most known social identity ie not anonymous. 

Commentator profile photo adds authenticity

Facebook automatically displays the visitors profile image when they post comments. This again adds trustworthiness to your website. In turn increasing your conversion from traffic to your objective ie lead generation, eCommerce.... 

The viral effect can lead to dramatic growth

When people post comments they have the choice of posting the comment and link to the page in their newsfeed. When that happens you are put in front of all their friends. Depending on what you are doing this could grow your traffic quite quickly. Hopefully in turn leading to a boost in profits. 

Facebook comments, shares and likes improve Social Authority

One of the reported measures when it comes to working out your position in Google is Social Authority. Essentially if everyone is liking, sharing and commenting, your website must be worth looking at. So up you go!

Increased user engagement leads to returning users

By engaging with your visitors you can drive up returning visitors. This leads to a compounding effect month on month. This is also reported as a ranking factor in terms of popularity, 

Have an existing Drupal website?

We can integrate the Facebook comment plugin with your Drupal website. Just get in touch to discuss it further. 

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