Sussex Tree Surgeon - Drupal 7 mobile first website

This website has been developed by our website designers using Drupal 7. The website was built for Sussex Tree Surgeons who trade as Sussex Tree Surgery. It was developed on top of our General Portfolio website. The main features are:

  • Two contact us pages. One for a general enquiry and the other to organise a face-to-face appointment..
  • Services section. Each service can have photos added with bulk upload for the photos. The page display uses a Flexslider slideshow that fully adapts for mobile viewing. There is also the field to upload a photo to be used on a Flexslider slideshow on the front page.
  • Photo albums / Before after photos. Like the services pages you can bulk upload the images. The display on the album pages are thumbnails like Facebook that enlarge in a modal window using Colorbox. This is also fully compatible with mobile devices. 
  • Service areas. This section is used to optimise for local areas. Each area has a map that is generated by entering the city, county and postcode. There is also a map on the home page that has markers for each area you have created. On the footer there is also a list of areas that is displayed on every page.
  • Standard pages for About us, Privacy policy, terms and condition etc
  • The theme is fully optimised for mobile viewing. It is also cross device compatible ie Android, iPhone, iPad, Desktop...
  • Social networking buttons. Networks that are available are Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.
  • All images make use of the Alt and Title text that is used by Google to understand what the image is of.
  • The site has a sitemap.xml file and it will be sent to Google by myself. They will then know about every page on the site.
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)) editor. This makes adding content to the site like using Microsoft word.
  • YouTube video support.

Contact me to arrange a quote for a modified version of this.

See this for a list of features that all websites come with.