SEO: Structured data mark up for a enhanced presence in Google.

Structured data mark up is fairly new and is used by Google to better understand your website. There are various things, or better said objects, that you can add mark-up to. Such as:

  • Reviews
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Local businesses
  • Social network profiles
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Events
  • Products
  • ... and many more

By adding the structured we can help Google and other search to better understand and display your content in the search results. Below is some sample code for a local business:

<div itemscope itemtype="">
<span itemprop="name">YOUR COMPANY NAME</span><br>
<span itemprop="description">YOUR COMPANY DESCRIPTION</span><br>
<div itemprop="address" itemscope="" itemtype="">
<span itemprop="streetAddress">123 YOUR STREET,</span><br>
<span itemprop="addressLocality">YOUR TOWN,</span><br>
<span itemprop="addressRegion">YOUR COUNTY</span><br>
<span itemprop="postalCode">YOUR POSTCODE</span>
<img itemprop="logo" src="URL/TO/YOUR/LOGO.JPG" style="display:none;">
Telephone:<span itemprop="telephone">YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER</span><br>
<meta itemprop="openingHours" content="Mo-Sa 10:00-20:00">
<a itemprop="sameAs" href="https://YOURFACEBOOKPROFILE.COM"></a>
<a itemprop="sameAs" href="https://YOURGOOGLEPROFILE.COM"></a>
<a itemprop="sameAs" href="https://YOURTWITTERPROFILE.COM"></a>
<a itemprop="sameAs" href="https://YOURLINKEDINPROFILE.COM"></a>
<a itemprop="sameAs" href="https://YOURYOUTUBEPROFILE.COM"></a>
<a href="http://YOURWEBSITE.COM"itemprop="url"></a>

The end result of adding this mark up is shown in this screen shot

Structured data mark up for SEO; Local business

As you can see this gives a local business a much better presence when shown. Hopefully increasing your click through rate. For full documentation on this new form of tagging your content, visit Google Developers. If you need help with this or other SEO tasks, get in touch with our Web Developers and Designers.

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