Using LinkedIn to promote brand awareness online

Using Linkedin to promote brand awareness and SEO

Have you noticed how LinkedIn pages regularly appear in the search results now? For both companies and individuals. We certainly have!

Creating the companies page on LinkedIn

With LinkedIn you can create a page for your company. Like with all content that you publish, you should apply our SEO techniques when creating it.

Don't be spammy but do include a good keyword rich description for your company. The page can also be easily branded by upload a couple of images. Here's the one for this website:

Employees individual profile page

Once the company page is set up, employees can confirm they work for the company on their LinkedIn profiles. When they do, a nice popup with a link to the website appear when mousing over the company logo. See my LinkedIn profile:

LinkedIn employee profile, with popup for the company including a link to the company website.

How to do it...

So what does it cost? Nothing! All you need to do is have a personal account on LinkedIn with a complete profile. After that you just go here to add your LinkedIn company page.

It's just filling in a form really and uploading your images just like you would anywhere else. 

Who says you can't get something for nothing? Contact me if you need your online presence developed.

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