Drupal 7 Commerce demo to be used for online retailing

This demo is the Commerce Kickstart module for Drupal. "Module" sounds a little understated because this is actually a large suite of modules. It pre-configures many common settings that would otherwise of taken weeks. So what do we get out of the box? See this short list:

  • Products: The products it gives us are examples of how products work. If you have t-shirts etc then you have got lucky. Otherwise the products need to be configured and that is technical. However once they have been configured, adding products is a breeze. Pretty much the same as adding content to Facebook or listing a item on eBay.
  • Shopping Cart. This allows products to be collected together ready for checkout. The cart, as with everything else, is highly configurable.
  • Checkout. The checkout is where people complete their orders and make payment. It is fully customisable and we can collect whatever information you want from your customer. 
  • Orders. Managing your orders is also intuitive. They have statuses that trigger various emails. The emails are branded to suit your business. Great for buyer experience!
  • Payments. The are many payment integration's that are ready to go and fully tested from a security perspective. Including PayPal, Authorize.net, Cybersource, SagePay, ePay...
  • Progressive Faceted search. This is to say a search interface that allows you to easily find what you want. First is the option to refine your search by the type of product it is. After selecting one, you get given more options that are relevant to that type of product.

Drupal commerce is a very mature shopping cart and as such there are many stable extensions available. Not to mention it is built on Drupal and that means all the usual modules are available to us. Here are some specific eCommerce related modules:

  • Memberships / Subscriptions
  • Shippable products
  • Digitally deliverable products ie files
  • Access to specific content
  • Rooms / Bookable resources
  • Recommendation software ie "People who looked at this also looked at..." and "People who ordered this also ordered..."

With the flexibility that Drupal 7 Commerce Kickstart offers, it can be used for most online eCommerce requirements.

Naturally our eCommerce websites are fully optimised when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

You can sign into our demo and explore it for yourself. We believe it is very intuitive for those who often use websites. 

Get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.