Hamilton Gibson Events - Promoting an Events Company

This website was built for Hamilton Gibson Events, who is a event planning company based in London providing high class entertainment. 

The website site includes photo gallery, artists, events and services sections. This site is currently coming along nicely and should be ready for "production" use next week. The general layout and functionality is complete, we're just waiting for some text here and there. For now we have used some dummy text.

The site includes a wonderful image slideshow on the front page, that we designed an easy to use management screen.

The contact form has Google analytics integrated with it. This allows the site to capture the lead source information and attach it to the email, sent to the recipients of the form. The lead source information includes:

  1. Source (which search engine they used)
  2. Medium (Whether it was free or paid traffic)
  3. Term. (The keyword "term" the used to find the site)
  4. First Visit (Time and date, the user first visited the website)
  5. Previous Visit.
  6. Current Visit.
  7. Times Visited. (how many time in total they have visited the site)
  8. Current IP

The events section allows easy file uploads, to allow staff at Hamilton Gibson Events to upload flyers etc.

Whilst the Photo gallery also allows for multiple uploads. The Drupal website then manipulates the uploaded images and creates three copies, for use in different site areas. This is great for page performance because end users of the site only have to download the size that is actually being displayed. The full size photo's are only downloaded when the user clicks the thumbnail to view it in the Lightbox. It also means that HG Events staff don't need to worry about working on the images before uploading, to maintain the uniformed look of the site.

This website obviously comes with all our standard Drupal features.