Drupal 7 portfolio website - add a new service area page

In this Drupal demo video I demonstrate how easy it is to add a new service area to one of our portfolio websites. This has been developed by us, so you won't find this in a standard Drupal website.

Main features that my Drupal web development company has added to this page are:

  • Only need to enter city, county and post code.
  • Map gets generated on the new service page.
  • Text is automatically generated for the page that is pre-defined using "Tokens".
  • A new marker for the area is added to the map on the front page.
  • A new link is added to the footer for the area.

Adding service areas is important when local search engine optimisation is important. If you have a global audience it becomes irrelevant. Take myself for example, if I want to come up for "Eastbourne web developer", I have to have a page for it or at least mention the phrase. Eastbourne of course being my local area.

I can be hired for custom Drupal web development services. Also, the Drupal 7 portfolio website in the video can be purchased and fully customised to suit your business. Read more about it and try it out

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