Using the Simplenews module to send news letters to a mailing list.

The Simplenews module for Drupal 7 fulfils most people needs when it comes to sending mass emails to a mailing list. 

For the right business, such as the country pub in the video, email can represent huge value to their marketing efforts. It is free and instant. However professionally running newsletter campaigns requires some key requirements. 

  1. Allow anonymous users to subscribe through the website. 
  2. Double opt-in to maintain a high quality mailing list. This means that people must click a link in a system generated email.
  3. Unsubscribe links in every email
  4. HTML branded emails (colourful vs plain text)
  5. Analytics needs to be installed in order to measure performance. 

The Simplenews module along with several other required modules all come together to provide such a system. 

If you need this kind of functionality for your business, we're waiting to hear from you.


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