Drupal 7 resource booking website; Hotel, B&B, Hire Shops...

This fully featured resource Booking system is built using the Rooms module for Drupal 7.

When I say it is fully featured, the demo itself is the bare minimal to get it working. Every area of the site can be extended, as per your requirements. The reason I say fully featured is because of the back-end management for availability and prices of bookable units. It is very impressive putting it mildly. 

Although the software was originally developed for booking rooms, it can actually be tweaked to be a booking system for anything ie a Hire shop, Holiday homes, B&B, Hotel, Car hire. It has one limitation that I could see and that was for people who wish to book things out hourly. Rooms only does daily increments. 

The Rooms module also leverages the Drupal Commerce module to manage payments and orders associated with the booking. Putting Drupal together with Commerce and Rooms creates amazing functionality, flexibility and scalability.

If the restriction to increments less than a day isn't a issue, this software would be very good value for money and a wise investment. It already has 1000+ reported installs. The more installs, the bigger the community and the faster things get developed.

A Drupal website using Rooms can be highly customised to suit your individual use case.

Contact me to discuss your requirements, so I can provide you with a quote. 


Try the Drupal 7 Rooms demo for yourself.

In this video tutorial I provide a quick tour around the Rooms module for ... Go to the Drupal video page