Drupal 7 Rooms module video tour; resource booking website

Try the Drupal 7 Rooms demo for yourself.

In this video tutorial I provide a quick tour around the Rooms module for Drupal 7

The rooms module is best suited for hiring out rooms as the name suggests. That said it can be developed into a resource booking website for most use-cases. For example tool hire, car hire, wedding equipment, B&B, hotels. The only limitation is that bookings must be in increments of a day. So hiring anything for an hour wouldn't work. 

First of all I create the "unit description" and upload an image for it. Then we create a "Bookable unit type" and reference the previously made unit description. Then we create the actual bookable units. You can see how easy it is to quickly add multiple units of the same type.

Having created our units we then perform a search and make a booking as a buyer. As the buyer we can later view details about our order.

Lastly I'll show you how the backend looks from the point of view of the website owner.

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