Our videos about building online businesses

These are our videos all about making online businesses. We cover various topics. Obviously Drupal because all the websites we design for people are developed on top of it. It allows non-technical people to update and create pages on their website.

You'll also find other useful and mostly free tools to help make the most of what you have. Such as SuiteCRM for example that is a free CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
How to write traffic pulling content that ranks using your Drupal website video
You should go to this Drupal SEO video series instead because it is an updated version of this. This Drupal Video tutorial essentially explains Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) from a content writers perspective. It's broken up into three...
Uploading and adding images/ photos to your site video
This is a Drupal 6 demo video of how to upload new images and photos to your site and display them on a page. It also demonstrates how to align your images with your text. Additionally how to optimise your images for Google search. Key things to do...
How to add, edit and re-order menu items video
This Drupal video tutorial demonstrates how to add, edit and re-order your menu items. This covers creating menu links from a page and in the menu section of the admin area.  We can develop a custom version of this website. Just contact us for your...