How to add a new blog or section to your website

This Drupal video demo shows how to add a simple section to one of our Drupal 6 websites. Occasionally some of my brave customers like to have the choice to do this themselves. Of course generally speaking this is something that my clients never do themselves and they pay me to do this for them. 

In the Drupal video I demonstrate:

  1. How to create a new content type. A content type is what we refer to as a particular type of page. For example a video content type may have a video field, where other content types do not.
  2. Set a optimised url for the pages belonging to your content type. This url will then be used to automatically the generate the urls for each page belong to the new content type.
  3. Create a page that lists it all pages belonging to the new content type using "Views"

This video doesn't get into adding more advanced fields and configuration of views. 

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