How to write traffic pulling content that ranks using your Drupal website

Search Engine Optimisation ideas when creating content in Drupal 6

You should go to this Drupal SEO video series instead because it is an updated version of this.

This Drupal Video tutorial essentially explains Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) from a content writers perspective. It's broken up into three parts:

1) Understanding what keywords are...

Keywords are any word/s used to find your information by your target audience

2) How to do Keyword Research using Google's Keyword tool...

Using Google Keyword tool you can see how many people are searching for what

3) How to use your keywords... 

This is how you can use your keywords on a site provided by us

This final section is key to driving traffic to your site. We discuss:

  • using heading tags, to add structure to your page.
  • Setting the Path alias,
  • "Page title" and the meta "Description" tag, to control how the page is displayed in search results.
  • Using bold or strong to emphasis our keywords.
  • Adding images, whilst being sure to set the title and alt tags, to add relevancy and help search engine index our images.
  • Finally, "Deep Linking" to other related content, to improve page flow. "Deep Linking" is just adding links to other pages on your site, from text or images within your pages content.

Having understood the three sections, you'll be well equipped to pull in plenty of free visitors/ traffic from the free search (or organic) results on Google.

We can develop a custom version of the website being used in the video. Contact us for a web development quote.

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