Adding and editing your photo galleries / albums

Note: If you are a developer you may want to watch the video about installing this set up.

This video tutorial demonstrates how to add and edit photo galleries (or photo albums) on one of our Drupal websites. In Drupal speak, these are called "Node Galleries".

The video demonstrates:

  1. Uploading new images
  2. Creating the gallery for them to belong to.
  3. Editing the title's for the images.
  4. Re-ordering the photo's
  5. Choosing the cover image, to be used in Gallery lists.
  6. Adding more images to the Gallery after you have created it.

The node gallery module, amongst other module, brings with it great features. It can come with bulk uploading of photos. It has a easy interface for writing the title and alt text for the images. These are both very important for SEO. Most importantly the galleries can be tweaked so that they can be presented in whatever way we want ie mobile friendly slideshow, full size pop-ups...

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