Drupal 7 portfolio website - add images into text areas.

The website used in this video is fully customisable and available to purchase. It's a great general portfolio website for people or companies.

In this Drupal video I demonstrate how to add images into text areas. Sometimes referred to as inline images.

I also cover adding the Alt text and image title. The Alt text is what gets displayed when the image doesn't load. The title text is displayed when you mouse over the image. 

Both of these things are critical to get a return from Google for them. Basically without the Alt text and title tag, you may as well not have any images from Google's point of view. Those two things are the only way Google knows what the image is and then they contribute towards your relevancy. The most relevant being the first in Google amongst other things.

The Drupal 7 website in this video can be purchased and fully customised to suit your business. Our website design company can also be hired for various website development services.

Read more about the portfolio website and try it out. 

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