Empty Mailboxes on Plesk

Empty older than 30 days (see find /var/qmail/mailnames/*/*/cur -type f -mtime +30 -exec rm {} \; Recalulate statistics/usage. (See here:

How to resolve high CPU usage by mail server and large mail queue

First of I am using Plesk Onyx 17.0.17 on Linux using the Postfix mailserver. So all my websites became dreadfully slow over the weekend. On signing into Plesk I could see 70% CPU usage. In the health monitor I could see that the Mailserver CPU usage in services was spiking since the websites...

Free 5GB offsite storage for backups; Drupal Websites

This short video tutorials demonstrates how you can make use of free storage from NodeSquirrel

Using the Backup and Migrate module we're able to create a backup and then store it over at NodeSquirrel. They offer 5GB for free and that is often more than enough for most website. There is also the option to increase the storage at a fee. 

Having a procedure like this in place is essential for disaster recovery. 

SEO: Structured data mark up for a enhanced presence in Google.

Structured data mark up is fairly new and is used by Google to better understand your website. There are various things, or better said objects, that you can add mark-up to. Such as: Reviews Breadcrumbs Local businesses Social network profiles Videos Music Events Products ... and many more By...

Drupal 7 How to install Node Gallery, Plupload and colorbox - Facebook style albums

This video shows how to set up Facebook like photo albums on your Drupal 7 website using Node Gallery. With this set up you get bulk uploads (Plupload) and media modal frames / popups (Colorbox). The albums can contain photos, video or audio files.

The modules used in this tutorial can be found here, inc links to the relevant libraries: