How to add a new menu to your site

This Drupal video tutorial shows how to work with the menu system in Drupal 6, although Drupal 7 is very similar. Menus are obviously the primary method for navigating around websites. You'll want to think carefully about the best way to organise your different menus.

Organise them poorly and your website will be a nightmare to find information. Organise them well however and your website will be a dream find the right information quickly. They say that no one piece of content should be more than 3 clicks away from any other page. There's some food for thought! 

I'll show you how to add a new menu to the website and then go onto adding menu items. The first way that we can add new menu items is from the Page that the menu item is for. The second is from the menu edit screen itself. It is here that we can re-arrange the menu items should we wish..  

Lastly it shows how to add the descriptions, that display when you mouse over a link. This is a good thing for SEO. As the menu is likely to be shown on many pages, it is certainly advantageous to write keyword rich descriptions for each menu item. 

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