What is Google Webmaster Tools? in plain English

What is Google Webmaster Tools? in plain english

This video demonstration is intended as an overview of Google Webmaster Tools.

This is in terms of navigating around Google Webmaster tools, interpreting the data and finally taking the necessary action. The main action that is required is to fix the "404 page not found" errors that Google has hit on. These broken links in Google's search results will not at all help your objective and will damage your performance.

Google Webmaster Tools is used by many website owners and webmasters, to check the health of their website. 

It is the place to submit your sitemap.xml file to them and tell them about all the pages on your website. You can then see how many of the pages that you submitted have actually been indexed.

A page will never be shown in Google until it has been indexed. Indexed means that Google has been to the page and taken a copy of it into their system. Their system then works out what the page is relevant to.

By ensuring that you have no broken links and that Google knows about all your pages, you'll have the best chance of getting what you want from your website.

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